Antenna Rope Tightener 'Slip Not'

Slip Not For a Tight Rope
Slip Not For a Tight Rope

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High Sierra's Slip Not For a Tight Rope

From Black Hawk Tools

This tensioner is made up of two sections that are spring loaded. When you pull on the two sections, you can slip a rope into the center where three ball bearings grip the rope. When you release the two sections, the ball bearings grip the rope. You can pull the rope in one direction to tighten it. But, you cannot pull it out the front. It won't slip.

It is over 1 inch in diameter. The main body with the two spring loaded sections is about 2.5 inches. We designed it to work with our 3/32, 3/16 and 1/4 inch rope.

So, it is the perfect tensioner for wire antennas like a dipole or G5RV. You can use it for radials too.

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