Anderson PowerPole Snap-In Housing #1470G3 Chassis Mount For 8 PowerPoles

PowerPole Snap-In Receptacle Chassis Mount For 8 PowerPoles

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Anderson PowerPole Snap-In Housing #1470G3 For 8 Powerpoles

Anderson PowerPole Pak 1470G3

This very handy Anderson PowerPole Pak 1470G3 is designed to fit in a 1 inch by 1.88 inch hole.  It snaps into place.  The powerpoles can be mounted 4 by 2 for a total of 4.  You can use 15, 30 and 45 amp powerpoles in any combination.  We also sell the mating cable mount connector in a latching and non-latching configuration.  You get the chassis mount as shown.  The powerpoles in the pictures are not included.  You should consider purchasing the 'long roll pin' if you don't have them.  They are not included.  

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