Crimping Tool for Coax Connectors

High Sierra's New Professional Crimping Tool for Coax Connectors

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High Sierra's Professional Crimping Tool for Coax Connectors

Using High Sierra's Professional Ratcheting Crimp Tool with Dies Makes Installing Coax Connectors Easier

Soldering a coax connector onto coax can be very difficult.  Using High Sierra's new Coax Connector Ratcheting Crimping Tool, you can install crimp type coax connectors in just seconds.  Along with the tool, you get two dies.  With those dies you can crimp connectors onto RG174, RG140, RG58, RG59, RG62, RG8, RG8X, RG9, RG213, RG316, RG11, LMR400 and 9913. The tool and the dies are not made in China.  These are high quality tools that you will use for years.

The dies sizes are:

.075, .100, .128, .429

.043, .068, .100, .137, .213, .255

We also have available at this time, crimp coax connectors for RG58, RG8, RG8X and RG213 that are silver plated.  They are the best you can buy.




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