Antenna Guy Rope 3/16 Inch 500 Feet Double Braided Dacron Polyester Rangler Coaxial Rope

Antenna Guy Rope 3/16 500 Feet Double Braided Dacron Polyester Rangler Rope

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High Sierra's Rangler Antenna Guy Rope 3/16 Inch 500 Foot Spool

Double Braided Dacron Polyester Coaxial Antenna Guy Rope

High Sierra's Rangler Rope is our best quality rope. Actually, it is two layers or coaxial. The outer jacket is UV resistant. The inner rope is very strong and won't stretch.  High Sierra's Rangler Rope will not decay over time. Rangler Rope won't mildew. It is almost bullet proof. The 3/16 of an inch diameter two layer polyester antenna guy rope has a breaking strength in excess of 750 pounds. It other words, Rangler Rope is really good antenna guy rope.  

More rope is due here from the manufacturer on the east coast on Friday.  You may order now but shipping on the entire order will be delayed a few days.  The shipment is for 15 spools.  More will follow when they get production up to full steam.  Please be patient and we will ship as soon as possible.  If you have a question or concern, please email using the 'contact us' link'.  73, W6LG

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